What's New

New updates and improvements to Combine Swift

Downloads are now available

Downloading videos is now enabled on the Team and Complete course packages.

Captions for Modules 9-11 are now live

The entire course should now have captions.

Module 11 - Debugging is now available

This is the final module in the course. We dig into some of the ways of visualizing and diagnosing problems with a Combine pipeline.

Captions for Modules 1-8 are now live

I've completed the captions and updated all videos through module 8 to include them. If you notice a video that is missing one, please let me know!

Module 10: Testing is Now Available

Module 10 covers techniques and strategies for testing Combine Publishers. It includes some helper methods, a handy base test case class, and some real examples of testing applications.

Module 9: Advanced Combine is Now Complete

Module 9 covers some advanced topics like creating your own custom Publishers and Operators.

Fixed sample code

  • Working with multiple streams now has the correct samples attached
  • Swift Issues now includes the missing Combine+HTTP.swift helpers
  • Added a note and workaround for Sign Up Validation on iOS 14.2 / Big Sur

Module 8 is now available

Build a Complete Weather App with Combine is now available

Site updates!

Fixed: The course display page with the thumbnail will now request properly sized images Fixed: Video thumbnails are now clickable to go directly to that video Fixed: The images in the video text for Marble Diagrams now renders Fixed: Receipt emails will now be sent on purchase. If you missed out on a receipt and need one, get in touch. Improved: Improved the performance and accessibility of the landing page

Added this What's New Section

I'll be able to notify you of updates to the site and to the course through these updates.

Module 6 is now complete

All of the videos in the More Publishers module are now up.

Module 5 is now Complete

All of the videos in the Schedulers and Threading module are now up.

Module 4 Complete

All of the videos in the Networking module are now up.

Module 3 Complete!

All videos in the Error Handling Series are now up.

Module 2 Complete!

Combine Basics is now complete.

Module 1 Recording Complete!

Module 1: Introduction & Theory is complete